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A Few Thoughts On Children’s Pageants

Posted in Beauty, Children, Feminist Issues, Media, Pageants with tags , , , , , on September 16, 2008 by Sally Rebel
Taken from a Pageant Photo Site

Taken from a Pageant Photo Site

Sites such as the one that created the photo above have been circling around the feminist blogosphere for a while. Well, now it’s my turn to talk about them.

These “Pageant Photography” sites will (for a fee) retouch your little darling’s photo so she can look like a 35-year-old with a growth disorder, allowing her (or him, I suppose) to wow the judges at your local pageant. And if that doesn’t do the trick, you can always rely on spray-tans and temporary veneers to cover up those gap-teeth!

Do you think I’m kidding? Because I’m not.

A few weeks ago, TLC released a documentary, “Painted Babies at 17,” as a follow-up to a previous documentary, titled (you guessed it), “Painted Babies.” The former caught up with the two stars of the latter, Brooke Breedwell and Asia Mansur, both child pageant queens. There’s one catch, however: Brooke has since dropped out of pageants, while Asia is still going strong, competing far and wide in teen divisions. At one point, she is seen rehearsing a song for her performance, the ironic “Cause I’m a Blonde” by Julie Brown. Sung unironically:

Because I’m a blonde I don’t have to think, I talk like a baby and I never pay for drinks
Don’t have to worry if I’m getting a man if I keep this blonde and I keep these tan
Cause I’m a blonde yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause I’m a blonde yeah yeah yeah

I see people working and it just makes me giggle,
cause I don’t have to work, I just have to wiggle

And, to top it all off, here’s a lovely photo for pageant costumes from a site called “Broadway Babe.”

Just a few thoughts.