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Cooking Up Trouble, Episode 1: Fruit Pies!

Posted in Domestic God(desse)s, Food with tags , , , on September 29, 2008 by Sally Rebel

This is the first installment of my delicious new column, Cooking Up Trouble with Sally Rebel! Get on your aprons, because today we’re making Rustic Fruit Pies, a dessert that is so freakishly easy and yet so ridiculously good that you’ll make it all the time and get fat, fat, fat. Hooray!

These are called Rustic Fruit Tarts because “rustic” is a fancy word for “ugly, but yummy.” Only they’re not ugly, they’re just a different kind of beautiful. They’re kind of lopsided and handmade-looking, but that’s okay because they’re dessert, and nobody cares what dessert looks like.

I adapted (ie, sort of stole) the fruit filling recipe from Veganomicon, my favorite cookbook, but I provided a few simple alternatives that will make a Rustic Fruit Tart into a Rustic YOU-t Tart!

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